What Will We Do About It?

This video brings to the message,

“Promote social acceptance of people with mental illness”.  The content of the video includes a brief introduction of mental illness and how many people with mental illness are being discriminated and stigmatized against. The video portrays “Jimmy”, a young adult who has a mental illness (not specified). Through his case study (that was inspired by what was found in research), we see that individuals with mental illness reflects themes of “pain”, “rejection” and “loneliness” in their lives due to the existing stigma that plagues mental illness. The video then moves on to “Truth”, in which “Jimmy” reveals what he really wants: Acceptance and the desperate desire to fit in within the public. Statistics are shown closing to the end of the video, showing how many people with mental illness are not seeking appropriate treatment due to majority of the public still not willing to accept people with mental illness. 

Although the video focuses on “Jimmy’s” life as well as how he feels and experiences, the video sends out the message on the importance of promoting social acceptance of people with mental illness by increasing understanding of what a person with mental illness goes through if we do not socially accept them. As with the beginning of the video, the rhetorical question “What will we do about it” is portrayed to make the audience think about the question with regards to mental illness. In hopes of conveying understanding on how a person with mental illness lives without social acceptance by the public through the eyes of Jimmy, the video ends with the same question to prompt the audience to reflect on what and how they can now do to promote social acceptance of people with mental illness.
By: Sean Ng Jun Kit (S10067997B), T04

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