Woman in Counseling

大部分接受輔導的是「癡左線」 的人?!

其實在輔導工作中, 大部分接受輔導的都是聰明, 有能力的人. 他們普遍健康, 情緒狀態穩定. 這些人士來見輔導通常因為在人生某個階段遇到一些困難或轉變, 心理掙扎, 情緒得不到釋懷; 他們希望透過輔導協助自己做抉擇或幫助個人成長. 每一個人都會在人生的某一些時段經歷情緒困擾; 轉變, 壓力是人生經歷一部份. 從預防的角度, 當人在問題處於不嚴重的時候來尋找專業輔導是能防範日後問題轉壞, 轉差, 而最後真的「癡左線」. 


無論一個人來自什麼文化, 「尋求幫助」已經被認定為弱者的表現. 可是, 人都不完美, 都有限制 (limitations). 人能夠意識與了解到自己的限制而去尋找支援與幫助是成熟, 強者的表現–不只知「彼」, 還有知「己」.

Counselling is only for crazy people.

Many people who come for counselling are intelligent, capable, healthy and emotionally stable people. These individuals are often struggling with decision dilemmas or problems in a specific life issue and seeking personal growth. All human beings experiences distress at one point or another in life. Stress is a part of human experience. From a preventive point of view, coming for counselling when problems are mild can prevent problems from becoming severe (“crazy”) in the future.

Counselling is a sign of weakness.

People of different cultural backgrounds often perceive “seeking help” as weak. Nevertheless, humans are no perfect and have limitations. Acknowledging our limitations, and knowing when is the time to seek help and support demonstrate a sign of strength and self-awareness. 

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