Psychology of Excuses

whats your excuse
Many people across ages struggle with looking for a job they desire, accepting a job offer/promotion,  or making a change in their career direction.

“I am too busy to do anything about changing job.“
“I don’t have the ability to do the work.”
“I won’t be able to have work-life balance.”
“Many people think/see/act this way.”
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數年前而已, 「生涯規劃」(Career Planning) 這一詞對大眾來說好不陌生.
現在, 「生涯規劃」紅起來, 人人齊來「生涯規劃」.
「生涯規劃」是什麼? 對於很多人來說仍然是似懂非懂; 看是實在又虛無的一個概念. Continue reading

Career Change…?

career change

More and more individuals, reaching middle age or having been in their occupation for over 10-20 years, have changed to a completely different career direction.

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