Career Change…?

career change

More and more individuals, reaching middle age or having been in their occupation for over 10-20 years, have changed to a completely different career direction.

They experienced burnout, frustration and boredom for quite a long time in their occupation.

  • They hated to do something that they were good at (“expert” in something). It became a huge struggle as they did the work well but feeling resentful towards it.
  • They found that the financial elements at work are not longer meeting the “hole” (e.g., empty feeling, boredom, meaningless) that had been neglected.
  • They actively searched for some other things that can bring back the passion, satisfaction and meaning that they once experienced before. They recalled their “dream job”, their regrets, their interests/hobbies.
  • They began to question what they are really working for? Are there other sides of them that they have yet to know?
  • They also started to wonder their ability to make a “right” decision. However, making right decisions did not seem to quite bring the contentment and happiness.

“Work” is the most universal human experience. It is often regarded as serving survival and functional purposes. Nevertheless, human beings not only have the physical parts but also have the “inner” parts (psychological, spiritual). If that inner parts are not being met, we eventually at some points in life “feel the discomfort” (the loss, regret, bitterness). And, we no longer can ignore and suppress that feeling of discomfort. This feeling of discomfort  is telling us something – something that are truly important to us.

Are you feeling stuck in your career life (as if you are taking a route to “Dead End”)? Or, are you ready to explore other possible routes?

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