What are your values?

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What are your values?  (你的價值觀是什麼?)

This question sounds somewhat “serious” and “heavy” to you?
Yes, it does.
When we are asked, we probably feel that we have to give some “grand” answers to it.
Some people’s mind just go blank – “I don’t really know. I never thought about it.”
Other people have thought about that question, but seem to struggle with articulating them.
Many don’t know what does “values” mean until their meeting with life & death.

What would you consider when you are looking for a job?
How does this question sound? Sounds familiar? And, it sounds easier to give answers?
This is a question about your values towards work.

Values are not something at the “high end” of humanity. Values are something that tell us what are important and unimportant to us. Therefore, we all have our own value system. Yet, values are not fixed. Values are something that were developed and shaped by our contexts, and they will change throughout our life time.

Values guide us (consciously or unconsciously) to make decisions in life. Some people struggle with career or life decisions may benefit from exploring their values (if they were not systematically explored before), or from re-examining their existing values. The process of exploration or re-examination involves a process of crystallization (to make concrete) and of prioritization. Values that are prioritized can specifically help people who are at the “crossroad” of their life, and who want to make decisions that are consistent with “who they are“.

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