Feeling Stuck?

Feeling Stuck

Inside the counseling room,
Amanda presents her trouble with husband.
Kenny presents his problem with school work.
Sally presents her conflicts with employer.
Victor presents his struggle with “social anxiety”.
…they all feel “stuck” in their own issue.

Underlying each person’s concern is actually his/her asking:
Who am I?”
“What is my real self?”
“How can I really be myself?”
“How can I really become the person I want to be?”

Counseling is a process like the counselor and the person taking a voyage through the seas of confusion and frustration to search for the answers to these questions. During the interactive process, he/she gradually experiences change from feeling “stuck” to feeling of “congruence” and “integration”–being able to deal with his/her issue in a way that satisfies and reflects him/her.

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